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Message about Horse Stalls!

Horse Stalls

At JB Horse Standards, we now offer top-of-the-line Horse Stalls. 

Here are a few facts about our stalls that you will be glad to know:

1) the HDPE plastic panels are extra thick at 8mm, instead of 6mm, which others often use. The extra thickness makes them extra strong. They are also UV-resistant.

2) the steel is hot-dipped galvanized, not powder-coated, which has at least 20-year rust guarantee.

3) all of the hardware, including screws, washers, and grommets are stainless steel.

4) shipping to your door or pickup in Rancho Cordova, CA.

5) the front, back, and sides are made to the size you would like.

6) our easy assembly system means no more connecting pieces.

7) multiple pieces can be easily picked up and moved with a tractor or forklift

5) the roof fabric is 26 ounce (about 700g) PVC fabric. Very high-quality.. 

6) time from ordering to delivery time is about 70 days. 

Front panel 1.jpg
Side&Back panel 1.jpg
connector 1.jpg
Goods picture 1.jpg
Portable stall.jpg
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