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At JB Horse Standards, we offer a variety of Aluminum Standards at different price-points, each with a unique look and style. Each pair of standards features a 71" tall all-aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware, inclduing lock-tite nuts and galvanized metal jump cup tracks. These quality frames come powder-coated in nearly any color; however, some colors have longer production times.


The style frames we offer include: the L-frame, the H-frame, and the Box-frame, each looking like their name sounds. We then create traditional and unique looking standards, using these different frames. Of course, metal jump cup tracks are included with each frame, a $49 savings vs wood.


If you would like to make your jump custom, we would love to hear your ideas and collaborate with our design team to create the jump of your dreams.


Prices vary by design. $599 price reflects jumps shown in photos.


Blue Bubble Aluminum Standards

  • At JB Horse Standards, we stand by our quality. If you expereince a defect or a jump that prematurely degrades, contact us and we will be happy to negotiate a soltion, whether that is to repair, replace, or refund.

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