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To Our Customers:
Thank you for shopping with JB Horse Standards! We are grateful for the opportunity to work with you!

The large size of many Horse Jumps poses a unique opportunity for shipping:
Our shipping rates are mostly flat-rates, based mostly upon distance. This means that the price would likely not increase with additional items, so the best way to get a good deal is to order as much as possible, or order with friends and split shipping. Additionally, pickup is always free

We are based from Rancho Cordova, CA, about 15-minutes from Sacramento; however, we ship coast-to-coast on a regular basis. 

Our General Shipping Prices for our Jumps and Regular Items are as follows: (Note: items shipped through postal carrier will differ in price, such as Jump Cups, Soft Poles, and other Small Items)
- within 50 miles of Sacramento, CA = $100 or less
- 50 to 100 miles of Sacramento, CA = $100 - $150
- Central California & Bay Area = $150 - $250
- Central & Costal California = $150 - $250

- Southern & Northern CA = $200 - $350
- OR, NV, AZ = $250 - $450

- WA, ID, UT, NM, CO = $350-$500
- TX, FL, MO, MI, KY, VA, NY = $500 - $950
- Anywhere Else in the US = $500 - $1000+
- Canada, Mexico, et cetera = $500+

For an exact quote on shipping to your barn, send us a message with your Zip Code on the Message Box on our 'Welcome' page: 

Thank you so much for visiting our page, we look forward to working with you soon!

Very Humbly and Respectfully,

JB Horse Standards

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