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Upgrade to the best with our premium aluminum jumps. These 63" (1.6m) tall schooling standards are made from powder-coated aluminum and come with a set of galvanized steel pinless jump cup tracks. And, in addition to being light-weight and easy to move, everything is weather-proof, so say goodbye to rot and rust! Sold as a pair.


Colors Currently Available: Classic White


Colors Available with Special Order: Red, Pink, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Hunter-Green, Lime Green, Blue, Lite-Blue, Purple, Brown, Grey, Black.


We are guaranteed to have 63" (1.6m) tall White Aluminum Schooling Standards in-stock at all times (24/7/365); however, other colors or sizes may take up to 90-days to manufactuer new. Please inquire for more details.


Pinless Jump Cups available for $19.99 a pair. 

Aluminum Schooling Standards - Pair

  • At JB Horse Standards, we stand by our quality. If you expereince a defect or a jump that prematurely degrades, contact us and we will be happy to negotiate a soltion, whether that is to repair, replace, or refund.

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