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Protect your horse, your equipment, and yourself with our Break-Away Safety Adapters for Pinless Jump Cups. Made out of high-endurance plastic, these adapters will release a jump cup under about 300 lbs. of downward force, helping you stay safe.


Simple insert one of these adapters behind a pinless jump cup and you are done! Reccommended for all oxers, ladders, and spreads, especially in competition.


Sold in set of 2. Jump cups not included.


1 pair of Safety Adapter for $29.99


10 pairs of Safety Adapters for $269 - 10% off!

Break-Away Safety Adapters for Pinless Jump Cups

  • At JB Horse Standards, we stand by our quality. If you expereince a defect or a jump that prematurely degrades, contact us and we will be happy to negotiate a soltion, whether that is to repair, replace, or refund.

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