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Have it your way! We use custom cut panels and our premium aluminum frames to create custom jumps to proudly show off your unique idea. Each pair of standards features a 71" tall all-aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware, including lock-tite nuts and galvanized metal jump cup tracks. These quality frames come powder-coated in nearly any color; however, some colors have longer production times.


We would love to hear your ideas and collaborate with our design team to create the jump of your dreams.


Set includes:

  • 1 - Pair of Personalized Aluminum Standards w/ Custom-Designed Graphic Panel on Front & Back

  • 1 - Personalized Hanging Wooden Plank w/ Cut-Vinyl Graphics

  • 2 - 10' Pine Poles w/ Matching Paint & Stripes

  • 1 - Set of Pinless Jump Cup Tracks

  • 3 - Pairs of Pinless Jump Cups

  • 1 - Jump Design and Computer Mock-up


Add: 48"x24" Personalized Ground Fillers w/ Custom Graphics for $299 each!

*Price based upon $1,199 Custom Standards Actual cost of custom standards may vary, depending on specific design.


We are always happy to answer your questions and provide fast estimates. Please message for details.

We appreciate you and look forward to working together! Thank you!

Custom Aluminum Jump Package

  • At JB Horse Standards, we stand by our quality. If you expereince a defect or a jump that prematurely degrades, contact us and we will be happy to negotiate a soltion, whether that is to repair, replace, or refund.

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